Pretty Pictures

The last few days have been so crazy that my hubby and I decided to unplug and unwind today. I still wanted to do a blog post, so I thought I’d share some of my new favorite photos with you. What I love about these is the great balance between hair and makeup. I love when the lip is the focal point and that is definitely captured here.

Her coloring is amazing and the pink lip is super fun. Having the hair up brings out her eyes.

That J.Crew red lip is the perfect finishing touch

I adore the ombre hair and her wonderful eyebrows


I just really love her hair. The color and texture is fabulous.

Okay, time to unplug. Have a fabulous day!!

2 thoughts on “Pretty Pictures

  1. Gorgeous pictures, but absolutely adore the images of that beautiful girl with the ombre hair & bright red lip! The hair is amazing, skin is flawless and appears very fresh & natural, and her eyes are bright, wide & sparkling – very beautiful!

    Stay stylish & Merry Christmas Megan, xoxo

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