Toys Of Christmas Past

I took a wonderful walk down memory lane today through the magic of eBay. eBay is an amazing thing. Every time my sister, my husband, or I think of something from our childhood, we plug it into ebay and there it is. Things you never thought you’d see again are suddenly available to you. The items I’m going to share today are beloved items from my childhood Christmases. Many of you won’t remember them (I’m old), but hopefully some of you will and it will bring you back to a very special time.

Velvet Doll circa 1970’s. I loved this doll! You could twist a knob on her back and her hair would grow. My all-time favorite toy. My sister actually bought me one for Christmas a few years ago.

Fisher Price Mary doll. I had this when I was very young. I tied her arm to a well so we could play “tug of war” and it pulled her arm off. My mom had to sew it back on.

Blythe doll. I never had this one, but I always loved them. Their big eyes and fashionable clothes were a real draw.

Growing Up Skipper barbie doll. Oh, I remember how I had to have her! You would twist her arm and her boobies would grow (I am not making this up). It didn’t stay on the market very long, but I did get mine!

Madame Alexander dolls (Little Women collection shown). My Dad’s sisters each had a collection and we always wanted to play with them. Finally we got our own. They were very special dolls…

“Cranberry Christmas” by Wende and Harry Devlin. My absolute favorite book as a kid. The story and pictures were so awesome. This one I actually found on Amazon

There is something very comforting about knowing these childhood treasures are still out there. It makes my childhood feel more real. As an adult, you tend to lose the “magic” that existed as children. Seeing these toys just brings it all back…

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