The Gift Of Art

With Christmas only three days away, the scramble is on to find the perfect gift. If you know someone who loves the Twin Cities, consider giving them a piece by Michael Birawer. This local artist (born and raised and resides here) uniquely captures the spirit of urban neighborhoods through out the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area. His style of painting combines the techniques of graffiti, cartoon, illustration, and heavy texture , resulting in amazing renditions of local hotspots. We have two prints in our house and they are always conversation starters. Art is a lasting treasure and is sure to be appreciated by all that receive it.

First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis.

W.A. Frost & Co. in St. Paul

Calhoun Square in Uptown

Minneapolis skyline

Birawer also features neighborhoods in New York, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas.
For more information, please visit Michael Birawer

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