Cozy Up

It was so very hard for me to concentrate today. We had guys installing insulation so I was trapped at home. It was loud and cold (the door needed to be open). All I wanted to do was cozy up in a warm sweater and watch Christmas movies. I found myself searching on Pinterest and one image led to a blog post.

via The Style Religion
This perfectly captures how I’m feeling today.

via We Heart It
I should have done my ballet….

via Apartment 34
I like this girl!

via Imgfave
I would have loved to stay in bed all day.

via flickr
Such a pretty picture

via The Day Book Blog
Love the hair, the eyes, and the ring!

via The Girl Next Dior
Looks like the perfect morning.

via Anne Louise Likes
Pretty, pretty toe shoes

via Design Love Fest
This is Claire Courtin, an heiress to the Clarins Cosmetics company. She is one of my fashion idols.

These photos make me want to grab a sweater, a good book, and a big, steaming mug of chai tea. I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do…

One thought on “Cozy Up

  1. I LOVE so many of these pictures!! They really do make one want to stay home, all wrapped in in a sweater! This was so fun to read and see! Great job. And yes….love the ring!!

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