Oh Christmas Tree

Over the weekend I decorated my lovely Christmas tree. We used to only use white lights, but this year I decided to play with color. Decorating the tree is like a walk down memory lane. I remember when I received every ornament, some going back to my childhood. For me, Christmas is a time of great nostalgia. We had wonderful, magical Christmases as children, and I miss those times very much. It’s just not the same as an adult, especially when you do not have children of your own. But surrounding myself with the treasures of my youth does give the season a special feel. Here are some photos I snapped with Hipstamatic. (I’m still trying to figure out the settings-it’s kind of weird!!)

My Mom made this stocking for me when I was a very little girl. Her craftsmanship is amazing. After 40+ years, there is not one sequin missing!

With my tree!

The finished product

My favorite ornament. I love ice skating!!

My sister painted this Santa for me. She is an amazing artist-notice all the detail.

Vase filled with Christmas ball ornaments add a pop of color.

I added small red ornaments to the rock salt

Our dining room table centerpiece. The wreath was my dad’s.

This musical angel always had it’s place in my grandma’s “good” living room. We weren’t allowed to play with her, but would spend hours looking at her. She was Christmas to us. I was very lucky to take ownership of her this year (she came in the original box!). She is the most precious of all my holiday decor.

6 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree

  1. So sweet. Memories are part of what makes Christmas special, I think. They are what we cherish. I wish I could still feel the excitement of being a kid at Christmas. As we grow older, it becomes less excitement and more frustration often times. This is a nice reminder to cherish what we have.

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