Eyebrow Wow

I have relatively sparse eyebrows. I can’t really complain, several people in my family have little to none and are virtually translucent. Mine, at least, have some color. I so envy those with beautifully shaped and thick eyebrows. I know, I can fill them in, but I have never had luck with eyebrow pencils. I can’t get them to look natural and by the end of the day they have disappeared from my face. A few years ago I discovered a brand that changed everything for my brows. Talika is a great cosmetics company that focuses mainly on the eyes. Their Eyebrow Extender is a very cool product. It is a transparent gel that’s filled with fibers (3 shades to choose from). You brush them on (the applicator is very easy to use) and you have great brows that stay in place all day. Your brows look completely natural and noticeably thicker. It is a fabulous alternative to pencils and other gels. The fibers are magic!



The magical fibers

Talika Eyebrow Extender $35 (light brown, dark brown, or black)
available at Talika or Amazon

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