Birkin My Love


Oh, the Hermes Birkin Bag…so beautiful, so well crafted, so unattainable. This is the bag that can run into the tens of thousands and is rumored to have a 5 year waiting list, yet I wonder how many of those people know why the Birkin came to be. Call it a meeting of chance. A young Jane Birkin found herself sitting next to Monsieur Dumas of Hermes on a plane. He found her agenda to be a mess and offered to add pockets to it. She then said what he should do is make a bag smaller than a suitcase but large enough to throw a lot of stuff into. And voila-the Birkin Bag was born!

Young Jane Birkin in the 70’s. She carried her things in a picnic basket until her run in with Dumas.

Modern day Jane with her doggie and her Birkin

Jane’s actual Birkin

Today, this bag has an almost cult-like following. In his book, “Bringing Home the Birkin”, Michael Tonello chronicles his journey as an eBay luxury reseller of all things Hermes. It is a fabulous read for anyone obsessed with the brand or shopping in general. It is amazing the lengths people will go to to get their hands on this legendary bag.

Bringing Home the Birkin by Michael Tonello $19.99
available at Amazon

Celebrities are also in the love with the bag (maybe because their the only ones who can afford the real deal). Victoria Beckham is rarely photographed without one.

Victoria Beckham with one of her many Birkins.

Nicole Richie’s bag is almost bigger than she is.

If you’re one of the “regular” people who love the bag but not the price tag, I found two very cute styles at Aldo. Some may say they are knock offs or replicas, but I say they’re a tribute to the magnificent Hermes.

Stellfox Bag $55

Teem Bag $55
both available at Aldo

I also found adorable reusable bags that pay homage to the mighty Birkin.

Thursday-Friday Totes $20+
available on eBay

Do be very wary of websites selling Birkins. Many claim that they are real, but no real Birkin will sell for $200. When in doubt, pass on it. Meanwhile, I’ll be dreaming of the day I am able to obtain the wonderfully magical Birkin…

7 thoughts on “Birkin My Love

  1. Very interesting….I must say, however, that the day you get a Birkin better be the day after you win a huge lottery!! Your mama will be very upset if you spend that kind of money. You know how she feels about paying simply for the label. A plastic Target bag holds more stuff, and if you want fancier, get a paper bag from Banana Republic or Nordstrom or some other swanky store!

  2. Oooh, the Birkin is such a divine bag – I never knew that about exactly how the idea for the Birkin was initially conceived, so I found this really interesting to read. I love fashion history and discovering where some of today’s most sought after styles originated.

    Hermes Birkin bag is definitely on my fashion fantasy list – don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford one, but a girl can dream! 🙂

    Stay stylish, xoxo

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