Wintery Day At The River

My hubby and I decided we needed to get out of the house, even though it was dreary outside. We took a drive to St. Paul and travelled the river road. The houses are amazing along the river and they have the best views. St. Paul is our capital city and super charming, but we don’t spend much time there (we’re more team Minneapolis), so it was really nice to drive around. We stopped along the river and had a great view of the cool dog park on the other side. Even with these cold temps, the dogs could not resist the water!

The “Mighty” Mississippi. The dog park is all along the opposite bank and the woods. It is a great place for doggies to run and play in the water.

Bundled up! Express Fur Coat, Metropark Beret, Chanel Sunnies, Heritage Pink Sweater, Express Denim, Club Monaco Opera Length Leather Gloves, and my Uggs (there for function, not fashion).

We then stopped at Harriet Island and looked at the paddle boats. We saw a gaggle of geese flying south and had to dodge their droppings!

So cold you can see the steam!

Me and the hubby! I love the contrast of the modern skyscrapers with the old paddle boats.

I really hope that isn’t an actual chalk outline!
(Rebecca Minkoff “Morning After” bag)

We even made a stop along Grand Avenue. Very busy-lots of shoppers! I had to pick something up for a friend at Bibelot and we could hardly get in the door. There’s something about shopping street side-it makes it feel much more “holiday-ish” than being in a mall.

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