Festive Nails

I am not big on doing my nails. They have never, ever, been the type of nail you want to show off. They’re brittle, very small, and I am a biter. Sure, I’ve had the acrylics and I loved them, but it was so much maintenance. But even though I don’t do my nails, I still notice when there are great products and colors. I discovered the cutest nail polish set from Jessica Cosmetics for the holidays. The set includes three different polishes in bottles shaped like Christmas lights. How adorable! The colors are very festive and perfect for the holidays. “Starry Night” is a sparkly red, “Lucky Star” is a glamorous gold, and “Superstar” is a glittery silver. The kit would make a great stocking stuffer or a fabulous gift for yourself.

Shine On Nail Polish Set $20
available at Jessica Cosmetics

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