Beach Hair

I love the look of beachy hair. There is something very effortless looking about it, although for most of us, it’s anything but. Curling irons often make the ends look bent, product can be heavy or drying, getting the waves to look just right can be down right difficult. But, I think I have found the perfect tools to master the look I so want.

Sarah Jessica Parker always has the perfect messy beach look

The first step is finding the right wave enhancer. I’ve already written about Oribe Apres Wave and Shine spray and I do use this every day. However, I have discovered another spray that is perfect for wet or moist hair. Charlotte Ronson “A Perfect Mess Beach Hair” has all the elements you want in a wave enhancer. Sprayed through hair, it gives the textured and tousled look of a girl who has spent the day at sea. Marine botanicals give hair bounce, flexibility, and long lasting hold, and adds a ton of shine. And the smell….I could wear it as perfume. It is beach in a can!

Designer Charlotte Ronson knows what she’s doing when it comes to creating the perfect beach hair.

A Perfect Mess Beach Hair $20
available at Sephora

The second step is finding the right tool. I am not fortunate enough to just air dry and go. My waves need a little help. Enter the curling iron, but not the iron we’ve all struggled with the past 3 decades. Gone are the clamps that can crimp the ends. Today’s tools are just a wand and all you have to do is wrap hair (vertically) around. Super easy and super fast. I really like Sultra’s “The Bombshell” 1″. It has Japanese Kyocera ceramic technology that mends and defends hair while you style. It gets super hot (they provide a glove) so it only takes 30 seconds per curl. And it has universal voltage for those who travel abroad.

The Bombshell 1″ Wand $130
available at Sephora

Now, I’m not made out of money these days, so the price tag on the Sultra is a bit steep. I have found a great, affordable alternative that does an amazing job. Remington’s “TStudio Large Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand” is super. It kind of tapers at the end so if you want a tighter curl you have the option. It, too, is ceramic (which is great for your hair) and heats to the salon standard of 410 degrees (it also comes with a glove). This means you’ll have easy, breezy, curls in no time!

TStudio Large Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand $29.99
available at Ulta



Big, loose waves-I love it!!

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