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Does anyone not know that today is the release of “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1” (long title!)? It’s probably one of the most anticipated movies of the year. I’ll admit, I was very anti-Twilight at first. But my friends convinced me to read the books and I got hooked. I will be one of the millions that see the movie today and I’m not ashamed to say so (yes, it is weird for a 42 year old to be excited about it, but whatever!). If I’m totally honest, I feel like the books kind of brought me back to life after my dad died. I really had no interest in anything. I was the person who read three books a week, but after we lost my dad I just couldn’t concentrate on anything. Then nine months after he passed, I was coerced into reading the series and the fog was lifted. I think I finished the entire collection in a week and a half. So, Twilight kind of has a special place in my heart.

In honor of the release today, I thought I’d feature Twilight Cosmetics. It is THE make-up collection for all the Twilight fans out there. Surprisingly, there are really great. The colors are amazing and the products do their job very well. They feature fragrance, lips, eyes, body, face, and really cool gift sets. Here is just a sampling…

Luna Twilight

Gleam Metallic Mascara $22
This mascara lengthens, fattens, and conditions lashes. It also has a touch of sparkle.

Twilight Lip Venom $16
I’ve always been a fan of Lip Venom and this color is really great. It’s a shimmery crimson lip stain that plumps and hydrates like no other. It does have quite a tingle, but I really like that!

First Light Face Glow $24
A really nice face illuminator. It will give you just a slight other-worldly glow.

Volturi Twilight

Enrapture Lip Gloss $12
This is a vitamin E laced lip gloss that is super sheer. It comes in two colors and both have a slight gold shimmer.

Nox Twilight

Nail Polish $6.99 each
Very cool colors and wears really well. Each bottle features the Cullen family crest.

The collection also features 4 sets ($38-$85) which would make amazing holiday gifts.

For more product choices and order information, please visit Twilight Beauty

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