Millinery Madness

I love hats but it’s very hard for me to find ones that fit my head (it’s unusually small). And with winter coming, it’s vital to have some great toppers to wear (heat escapes through the head). So, you could say I’m always on the lookout for cute hats. While strolling through Target the other day I came across the new millinery collection from Albertus Swanepoel. Swanepoel is the go-to designer for statement making millinery. His collection for Target is uniquely elegant and super affordable-all hats are $19.99!! While I found every one of the hats adorable, these are may favorites.

Layla Faux Fur Hat

Zsa Zsa Hat

Kwele Fedora

Ganache Topper

Francoise Fedora

Albertus Swanepoel New York for Target
All styles pictured $19.99

Of course, I had to purchase the Layla Faux Fur Hat. It’s super cozy and I can’t wait to wear it (oh yeah, that means it has to snow…). I discovered Hipstamatic today and shot a couple photos wearing the hat!!





Oh yes, let the white stuff fly!!

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