Style Inspiration-Nancy Botwin

Like millions of people, I love “Weeds”. It’s quirky and funny, smart and clever and features one of my style icons-Nancy Botwin (portrayed by Mary Louise Parker). I love Nancy’s casual, funky way of dressing. I love her natural wavy hair and I love how she really doesn’t give a s**t what people think. Parker does an amazing job bringing Nancy to life and it’s a joy to watch her week after week.
Here are some of my favorite looks!

Cowboy boots, knee socks, and cut-offs=LOVE!

Wish I could pull off pigtails-so adorable

Minnetonka Moccasins (with knee socks) are something I’ve always wanted.

Come on-how effortlessly cool is she!

Beanies are always a good look

She always has the coolest cowboy boots…

Wedges with denim-a great combination (with her ever-present Starbucks cup)

Red sweater and white pants-a rare “classic” look for Nancy

If you haven’t seen “Weeds”, I suggest you log into Netflix asap. You can stream most seasons!!

8 thoughts on “Style Inspiration-Nancy Botwin

  1. I have always loved her style!! I even bought cowboy boots because of her. I haven’t worn them much, even though I bought them several years ago. Pigtails are my favorite and I am quite certain you can pull them off 🙂

  2. Wow, thanks! Try teasing your locks and then braiding part of your pigtails….that way they will be a little fuller, but messy and cool!

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