False Lashes

I wasn’t in the market for a new mascara as I’m quite happy with my Doll Lash Mascara. But, advertising wins again. I saw the commercial for Loreal’s new Voluminous False Fiber Mascara and had to give it a try. What intrigued me was the fiber aspect. I had a great eyebrow product that used fibers and it was really amazing, so I had high hopes for a mascara that also contained them. Lucky for me (and all of you), this mascara did not disappoint.
Here’s how it works. This mascara contains a unique blend of long and short nylon and rayon fibers (same kind falsies are made of). These fibers sculpt, giving an outrageous false lash look from every angle. My lashes were more voluminous and curled, and they extended all the way to my eyebrows. I was very, very happy with the results. I wore it to a wedding where I danced all night long and there was very little smudging (only on my brow bone because my lashes kept hitting it). It washed off very easily too. I have to say, this is my new favorite mascara, which is great because it’s about a third of the price of my current love.

Loreal Voluminous False Fiber Mascara $7.99
also available in waterproof
You can find it at all major drugstores and Ulta

2 thoughts on “False Lashes

  1. I can’t wait to try it, too! I am always on the hunt for a new mascara. I am pretty sure I love the Urban Decay lush lash. I want to see a picture of your lashes!!

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