Create Your Own Look Book

I’m a big believer in look books. I’ve been making them since I was a teen. It’s a great way to categorize things that you find beautiful, inspirational, and necessary.
Some of you might be asking, “What, exactly, is a look book?”. I am going to walk you through it and hopefully inspire you to create your very own. With a look book, you can always reference it when you go shopping, need ideas for putting together a look, or as a go-to for hair and makeup inspiration. Some pages have been in my book for years, others come and go, but every month (or so) I go through my magazines, tear pages, and add or subtract from my book. You can also create a look book of your own closet. Think of it as cataloging your wardrobe, complete with outfits and accessories. You will never have to sit in front of your closet wondering what to wear again.

Step 1: Go through your magazines, catalogs, ect. and tear out everything that inspires you. This can be things you find pretty, things you want to purchase-really anything you want to keep and reference later. Usually I do this as I look through my magazines, but as you can see from the photo-I have fallen a little behind!

Step 2: Create your book. I use a three ring binder with clear sleeves. This way you can slide things in and out. Makes it a lot easier to edit your book. You can arrange things in categories (fashion, beauty, home, purchase-whatever you want) or you can just add as you go. The brown folder is full of pages I need to add!

Step 3: Go through book and edit-take out anything you don’t need and add your new inspiration.
(American Apparel Sweatshirt and Anthropologie Fleece-Lined Leggings)

Finished product! It’s so easy to create and I find so much inspiration looking through mine. I also have one for home decor. It’s just such an easy way to house everything together and reference whenever the mood strikes you.

If you have questions about look books or my look book service-please email me. I’d love to hear from you!

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