Favorite Looks from lookbook.nu

There’s this great little website, lookbook, that I always find inspiration from. I thought I’d share some of my current favs with you.

I wish I was young enough to pull off the knee socks with denim shorts, but a girl has to draw the line somewhere…

Perfect for a fall day spent running errands.

I’ve been searching for the perfect leather leggings, but have had no luck. Any ideas?

Love, love, love!!! The reddish coral sweater is divine.

The heel on these boots are amazing-much easier to walk in than a skinny heel.

The shoes, the hat…perfection!

The little fur pillbox hat is so cute, as are her shoes.

Great mix of colors and the little heart detail on the gloves pulls the whole outfit together.

This is the perfect example of how the right accessories can make a causal sweatshirt and jeans come to life.

Again, take a sweatshirt and legging, add a fur coat, and you have instant glamour.

Making a lookbook for yourself can really help in putting outfits, ideas, and dreams together. It can also keep your looks organized. If you have questions on lookbooks, check back latter this week….

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