Who’s Your Inspiration Part 2

After writing last week’s “Who’s Your Inspiration” post, I started thinking of so many others that have influenced me. So, here’s part two!


Valerie Bertinelli. As Barbra on “One Day at a Time” she was the little sister we all wanted to be or have. Sweet and perky, she stole our hearts. And when she married Eddie Van Halen she became so super cool. The little innocent sister was a rockin babe.


Molly Ringwald. The star of all of our favorite movies in the Eighties, she was our ultimate fashion and lifestyle idol. She was cool, quirky, and we could totally relate to her teen angst. “Pretty in Pink” was the reason both my prom dresses were, indeed, pink.


Nicollette Sheridan. Her character, Paige Matheson from “Knot’s Landing”, was my favorite. I adored that show. Paige was so savvy and beautiful. I worked very hard to achieve this hair-do in the early 90’s. Lots of Aussie Scrunch Spray was used.


Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. All-American perfection. She was so elegant and classic, the perfect mate for America’s prince. Such a terrible tragedy….


Victoria Beckham. I was never a Spice Girls fan, but I am a fan of hers. She is so amazingly stylish. She is also a very talented designer (I love her collection). Plus, she’s married to one of the hottest men and has 4 children with him. Some girls have all the luck…



Ashley and May Kate Olsen. I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it weird that a 42 year old would choose girls who are young enough to be her daughters? Not really. There’s no denying these girls have style. They could have rested on their billions, but no-they have now created a fashion empire. That’s something to admire.


Rachel Zoe. Okay, this one cannot be a surprise. Uber stylist- turned tv star- turned fashion designer. “I die” for her and her career. She is glam!


Jennifer Aniston. Love her! She always has the best hair (am I the only one who got the “Rachel” do?). I love how she rocks casual wear yet makes it look so put together. The ultimate California girl.

So, again I ask-who’s your inspiration?

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