Who’s Your Inspiration?

My sister was telling me how she showed her girls videos from the Eighties on youtube the other day. They thought it was a riot and couldn’t quite figure out how we were inspired by that fashion era. She mentioned Madonna’s “Borderline” video and I commented how that video changed the person I was. Gone was the “Preppy Handbook”, bye bye “How To Be A Valley Girl”, welcome “Material Girl”.
It got me thinking about other women who inspired me and influenced my fashion sense, as well as my life. There were many and it’s quite an eclectic group. I thought it would be fun to share them with all of you.


Marilyn Monroe. I was 10 years old when I watched “Marilyn, The Untold Story” on television. Catherine Hicks portrayed her and was magnificent. I instantly became obsessed with Marilyn. I thought she was the most beautiful, glamorous woman ever and I kinda still do.


Princess Diana. I thought she was so sweet and innocent, and was living the fairy tale life. I cut my hair like hers and would go to the local notions store to buy ribbons to wear around my neck. Really-a ribbon tied in a bow under my collar. Amazing the things we do.


Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh). Look at that face-the eyebrows, the skin-total perfection. I actually tape recorded the movie off tv (no vcrs yet) and memorized the entire thing. Obviously, I couldn’t copy the fashion, but the attitude-oh yes!


The Go Go’s. Oh how we loved them. We would lip sync their songs and copy their outfits. They were the first band I saw in concert. It was October 5, 1982. I was in 8th grade. I will never forget it. I was lucky enough to see them perform at a private party in Las Vegas a few years ago. I was right up front dancing and singing the entire night. At the end, Gina came down and gave me her drumstick. She said I deserved it. Monumental!


Madonna. The first time I saw the “Borderline” video, I was at my Grandparents (my small town had yet to get cable). I actually had to special order her album from the local record store because they hadn’t heard of her. She became such a fashion inspiration for us. Gone were our preppy pearls and in came rubber bracelets. We started to shop at thrift stores and our hair became rat’s nests. It was an amazing time to be a teenager. She’s also the artist I have seen the most in concert.


Edie Sedgwick. My sister and I were obsessed with her. We loved her edginess, her lifestyle (as teenagers we were able to romanticize it), and her general coolness. My copy of “Edie” by Jean Stein is the most used and faded book I own. I have read it numerous times in the past 30 years. Sienna Miller did a fantastic job portraying her in “Factory Girl”. My sister and I were very fortunate to stay in the Chelsea Hotel (where Edie had lived for awhile) before it closed. We felt the younger versions of ourselves would have been tickled pink.




Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn). She deserves three photos. My favorite movie character of all time. Her vulnerability hidden behind a tough exterior was something I could empathize with. And her style… Givenchy was a genius! To this day, I cannot hear “Moon River” without getting teary eyed. Audrey Hepburn was truly an elegant woman.


Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker). The one character that has influenced my adult life. Finally, someone who was expressing what we were all thinking. By far the character I relate the most too. Her style and fashions inspired me and millions of other women across the globe. Pat Field is one of the best stylists there is. Yes, it was all a little unrealistic, but wasn’t that what made it so fun?

So tell me, who inspires you? I’d love to hear from you!!

9 thoughts on “Who’s Your Inspiration?

  1. What a brilliant post!! Would you be upset if I stole the idea (giving all appropriate credit as due of course)? I’d love to do my own list!

    P.S. I love everyone on your list!

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