Thicker Hair While You Sleep

I suffer from thin hair. I can make it look thick, but then you grab it into a ponytail and you can feel how puny it really is. I wore hair extensions for 2 years and I loved them, but they are costly so they had to go. So, the search for a product that would actually thicken my hair was on.
Enter Bumble and Bumble (Really) Thickening Serum. This is a nightly leave-in treatment that thickens and strengthens hair while you sleep. A couple of pumps worked into your roots at bedtime can actually fatten strands over time and you wake up with uber volume. If you have really thin hair (like me) you can use it in damp hair before blowdrying or in dry hair before styling. I have really noticed a difference and I don’t even use it every day. Hmmm…I wonder how thick it would be if I did.

Bumble and Bumble (Really) Thickening Serum $27
Bumble and Bumble

Samy Thickening Serum is a good alternative. You use it on wet hair before blowdrying and gives hair a lot of volume.

Samy Fat Hair Thickening Serum $9.99
Samy Fat Hair

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