Fashionable Books

I love books. I read at least 2 books a week, and I’m not talking ebooks. I mean real, hold in your hands and flip the page, books. I love buying them, I love collecting them and I love displaying them. Coffee table books are the best for display, and I am especially drawn to the ones about fashion. There just so very pretty!

On my coffee table

These sit on an old school desk seat

These sit under the school desk

With the holidays coming, I thought I’d recommend some new books that would be a great gift for anyone that appreciates fashion.

“Irreverent” by Carine Roitfeld $63

Christian Louboutin $94

Chanel:The Vocabulary of Style $63

In Vogue $47

Daphne Guinness $29

For more amazing and fashionable books, check out fabsugar
amazon always has the best prices on books.

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