Affordable Ballet

As a young girl I loved ballet. From the moment I checked out Jill Krementz’s “A Very Young Dancer” from the local library I was hooked. I would walk around the house wearing pointe shoes (which I am convinced contributed to my now ugly feet) and dreamed of dancing on the stage. Alas, this never came to be.
My passion was ignited again when I saw “Black Swan”. The dancing, the rehearsals, the warm up clothes…it’s all so very magical. I soon began researching ballet and classes in Minneapolis and found the Metropolitan Ballet Company and Academy. This is a Twin Cities organization founded in 2002 by Eric J. Sanborn, a choreographer, composer and musician. Their mission is to unite the communities of dance, music and theater by staging high impact works. They also offer classes for all ages and abilities. The ballet master is Tatiana Berenova, a former Prima Ballerina with the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia. Because I discovered them in the off season, I had to wait until now to see a performance.

Off to the Ballet!
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My sister and I got tickets to see “Dracula”. This is a ballet created by Mr. Sanborn. We weren’t sure what to expect. VIP tickets were only $39 and the performance was at Hopkins High School Auditorium. We thought either it was going to be good or it would be like attending a school event.

Well, it wasn’t good…it was amazing!!!! Every thing about it was top notch. The sets, the lighting, the auditorium (a high school with an auditorium that rivals any first class venue). We were impressed before the ballet even started. The dancing was breath taking. There was nothing amateurish about this production. Run time was only 90 minutes with a fifteen minute intermission. Each ballet they perform is appropriate for all ages. There were people from all walks of life in attendance and in all types of dress.
If you are looking for something the whole family would enjoy, I recommend the Metropolitan Ballet. Their next ballet will be The Nutcracker December 10-11 and tickets are on sale now. I know we will be there!

For more information on performances or their Ballet Academy, please visit:

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