What’s New at MOA

I haven’t been to the Mall of America since my store closed 5 months ago. After spending 6 years there, I needed a break! Yesterday, I decided it had been long enough and went to see what was new at MOA.

H&M Sweater, Rock and Republic jeggings, Staccato boots, Chanel sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Metropark jewelry(all purchased through the years at MOA)

The right bracelet makes all the difference

My first stop was the new store Superdry. Superdry is a very popular mens and womens retailer in Europe and is now making it’s way Stateside. The Mall of America location is one of nine in the States and the only one in the midwest. The store manager, Shannon, is one of the best when it comes to customer service and her staff is equally as passionate as she is. Superdry is a mix of preppy and trend, and their jacket collection is just what we need in Minnesota.


Brad Leather Jacket $350

Lumberjack Twill $90


Hooded Polar Windcheater $140

Vintage Thrift Floral Leggings $46
Superdry is running a promotion Friday-Monday-Buy one, get one half off (equal or lesser value). Be sure to stop in and check it out!

My second stop was the new Michael Kors store. Beautiful, and I love their watches. This is my latest desire-

Baguette-Bezel Rose Gold watch $295

American Eagle had just set up their new accessories shop-very cute. Lots of great fashion books and adorable jewelry.

My Wonderful World of Fashion $19.95-a great gift for the budding fashionista

The remodeled Gap is just lovely. It’s more like a boutique and I found it much easier to shop. They are running a pant and jean promotion-buy one, get one 50% off.

The Leggings Cord $59.95

I can always find something at Urban Outfitters! I just love the store manager, Sydney. She has the best energy and it is infectious. Urban has a little bit of everything and is like a treasure hunt. Love this jacket-

Silence the Noise Fur Zip Jacket $89

I really found my heart’s desire at H&M. I find this store very hit or miss, but they have some great fall items now. I think it’s no secret I have a love for faux-fur and this jacket is the one!!

Faux Fur Jacket $69.95

A little info from a birdie-MOA will be opening at midnight Black Friday. Don’t know if it’s rumor or not, but if you love the craziness and early bird shopping, I’d keep my eyes open for an upcoming announcement. So glad I don’t work there anymore-I could not do a midnight shift!!

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