Rainy Days

Well, the rain has finally fallen here so it is time to pull out the rain boots.

Maurices rain jacket (very old), Ruehl sweater, Target leggings (that’s a raindrop on my leg) and my favorite Hunter rain boots with Hunter fleece socks

I don’t wear my rain boots very often. Honestly, I forget I have them and they aren’t the easiest to drive in. Adding the fleece socks helps with the driving issue because they keep the boots from hitting my knees. But they are super comfy and keep my feet dry and warm. I find it essential to wear boots to protect my shoes from the elements. I carry my good shoes to work (when I had a job) and wear rain boots or snow boots outside. No sense in spending money on amazing shoes and then letting the rain and snow ruin them! I have the tall Hunter boots.

Hunter “Original Tall” High Gloss $125

They come in short too!

Hunter “Original Short” $115

They also come in many trendy and fun styles

Hunter “Lapins” $225

They come in many fun colors


Hunter Rain boots

Some less expensive alternatives:

Aldo “Toop” Rain boots $65

Target Merona Zipperah Rain Boots $32.99

Celebs enjoying their Hunter Boots

Sarah Jessica Parker

Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie and Ashley Olsen

So, go ahead, look chic and keep your feet dry!!

2 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. I love these boots, too! I always forget that I have them and then when I do wear them, I think they look better on other people! Chris bought me the same welly socks last year for Christmas! I have the green boots, so they look much better with yours! Enjoy your day!

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