Great Buns

The iconic “Carrie Bradshaw” bun

I love buns for many reasons.They remind me of ballerinas (and what girl didn’t want to be a ballerina?) and they are classic. They are the perfect hairstyle for the end of my dirty hair cycle (by day five the hair has to go up). But I was lacking volume. All my favorite buns are big and messy.

Megan Fox does a great bun




How do I get a big bun with thin hair? I hit you tube to see what I could find. Wow-am I behind on this. There are tons of videos on how to do a big bun! There are two options I was most intrigued by-the “sock bun” and the “donut bun”. Both are super easy to do!
The “sock bun” is done by using an old sock (or nylon leg like I used). You roll into a donut, slide it over your ponytail, put an elastic over it and presto- big bun!


Here is my first attempt at a sock bun





You can also buy a mesh donut and use that instead of a sock. Sally’s Beauty Supply carries them and they are available in black, brown and blonde.

Hair Stylers Mesh Chignon $3.69

Now that I know the technique, I will definitely rock a big bun more often!

This is a great tutorial for  making a ballet bun. You can use either a donut or a sock.

Happy bunning!

5 thoughts on “Great Buns

  1. Hey, Thanks Megan!! I have been trying endlessly to put my hair up for a different look…with not much success. I will give this a try!

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