Breezy Blouses

I don’t usually shop at Old Navy. I prefer more intimate boutiques with a personal touch. But I have to admit I was intrigued by their “Breezy Blouses” commercial that’s been airing this week. This morning I set off to my local Old Navy in Maple Grove. I was not disappointed.
This particular location is much smaller than others I’ve been in. It was clean and the staff were incredibly friendly. I found the blouses very easily and did not have to wait in line to try on. Three styles caught my eye and they all fit amazingly. I had to have them! $65 and 15 minutes later I was out the door. Good day for me!
Ps. I would have liked to model these for you, but the hubby has me cleaning windows. So not cute…

$24.50 (on sale from $34.94) paired with red Target tank and Metropark necklace
Would look awesome with boyfriend denim

$15 (on sale from $34.94) paired with Kill City tank and Metropark necklace
Pair with trouser denim
$24.50 (on sale from $34.94) paired with my necklace
Pair with black jeggings and killer boots

5 thoughts on “Breezy Blouses

  1. So happy to read this because I am planning to go to Old Navy tomorrow to look at them. I also want to check out their cargo pants. I love the breezy blouse commercial and I, too, am very intrigued by the blouses. I can’t wait to see them, and this makes me want to go even more. Thanks so much for the great insight.

  2. I saw the commercial for these and thought they looked really cute, but was skeptical being that it’s Old Navy. Thanks for doing the leg work and checking them out, I will just order my fave on-line now!

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