Beauty Sleep

I don’t like the way I look without makeup. I look like I’m twelve. I have all kinds of issues with my skin. And maybe I’m a little vain. I don’t even wear a lot, just enough to even out and conceal. I cannot wear makeup to bed (major sin), so what to do about bed time?
Bare Escentuals Pure Transformation Night Treatment is my savior. It comes in four shades (I prefer clear) and gives just enough color and glow to make me feel good about my skin when sleep beckons. It’s an overnight mineral treatment that replenishes skin while you sleep. You wake up with a healthy glow (who doesn’t love that?). It treats everything I have issues with. It reduces pores, evens skin tone and improves skin texture. And best of all-it doesn’t come off on your pillow.

Bare Escentuals Pure Transformation Night Treatment $60

3 thoughts on “Beauty Sleep

  1. Hi Meg,

    Of course, I had to try this. I am pretty sure I love it 🙂 I at least like how it makes me look before I go to bed. I wanted to let you know that I just bought it again, but on QVC with two more of their anti-aging products for $60 and it is the full size version. I thought I would snap it up before they change the price. I am sure I won’t run out for quite some time, but it was a great deal.

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