I am obsessed with these Fluevog Mirella boots! I first saw them in a scooter magazine and I fell in love. I tried to sweet talk the hubby into getting them for me (wouldn’t I look so cute on the scooter wearing these) but he wasn’t having it. He believes bike boots should actually be functional, not fashionable. Men!
Fluevog was founded around 1970 when Pete Fox and John Fluevog stumbled across a warehouse full of turn-of-the-century shoes and boots in mint condition. They purchased the lot and opened their first store. 40 years later Fox has gone on to other ventures, but John’s designs are still inspired by the fashions of the 19th century.
While they carry a steep price tag ($399!), they are incredibly comfortable, and are perfect for fashionistas who are on their feet all day. They are built to last and the designs won’t go out of style, so in my opinion they are a good investment. Now I just need to find a job so I can afford them!!

Locally, Fluevog can be found at Bay Street Shoes in Calhoun
Or at

4 thoughts on “Boot-a-licious

  1. Fluevog’s are my favorite!!! I just gave my friend my first pair from 1994! She said she has been looking for them ever since……unfortunately, they are a little dated now 😦 You are right, they are oh so comfortable!!

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