Beauty Balm Magic


I have an extensive beauty regime. My loved ones think I’m crazy, but I can’t help it. I love the act of getting ready. It relaxes me, makes me feel girly and gives me the illusion that I’m slowing down the aging process. That being said, I’m certainly not opposed to streamlining the process.
Enter BB Cream (also known as “beauty balm” or “blemish balm”). Originated in Korea, it’s quickly becoming a must have for American women. It combines sunscreen, treatment, primer and moisturizer into one fabulous product. It conceals fine lines and blemishes while absorbing oil, and provides almost flawless coverage. I only need to conceal a few stubborn sunspots (sunscreen people!). I follow with blush and powder and I’m done! My skin stays oil free yet hydrated all day long.
A few tips about applying-blending is key, a little goes a long way and most importantly, the color adjusts to your skin tone (it appears a bit pale at first).
While I went with Dr. Jart, Smashbox, Boscia and Clinique also offer BB Creams in their lines. Sephora is a terrific place to try products and they have a great return/exchange policy. Located in Ridgedale, Mall of America, Rosedale and 

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